I don’t do diets, either

March 21, 2011 No Comments

In my experience, most diets fail – mainly because they are not sustainable.

The word “No” is a powerful motivator to do the opposite.

Diets usually require a person to give up something … and that creates a negative desire subconsciously to have what has to be given up. Sometimes the diet requires special food available only from the diet company which is usually fairly expensive. Sometimes people feel they can’t go out for dinner with friends because they can’t eat the food or have the drinks and their social life is suffering because of it, which stimulates that unconscious compulsion to go back to their old habits. Some diets also require a set pattern or timetable which may not fall within the dieter’s schedule demands or may be inconvenient for their lifestyle.

For me, the best diet is to use a smaller plate and to not cut out anything. I never tell myself I can’t have fries and gravy. I don’t pass on anything. I just limit my intake. Instead of a whole chocolate bar at one sitting, I buy the kind that can be broken down into bites and just have a few at a time. At meal time, I use a lunch plate instead of a dinner plate but I have a full meal – just less of everything. I pass on the bread or buns, though, but I never was a big bread eater so that’s not a hardship for me.

As far as the real no-no’s go, I limit how often I have them. Instead of fries or onion rings every day, I maybe have them once a month. I don’t feel that I am giving anything up that way and actually don’t crave them. Quite often several months will go by and I’ll realize I haven’t had any for a while. The fries and gravy at the hot dog truck at Canadian Tire are my big passion and I used to go into withdrawal when the truck had holidays in January and February every year and I couldn’t have them. Now I don’t miss them and haven’t been there since about October.

The biggest change one can make to improving their diet is to cook more at home from real ingredients. No prepackaged stuff which is high in sodium and chemicals and extra fats. By pre-planning my meals, I can juggle them and try to create some kind of balance between the ones that are healthy and the junk ones. I love junk food and eating out but my wallet doesn’t – and it is so much cheaper to cook at home.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s really the food from Mickey’s or DQ that is calling me or if it is just the no-no of it. I can make hamburgers and fries and onion rings at home and I can make them cheaper and healthier by grilling or baking in the oven, too.

I think I will try that next time I get a craving … if someone will please wash the dishes and clean off the mess on the counter for me first!

Quote for this day (or until I change it again :D )
“The second day of a diet is always easier than the first. By the second day, you’re off it.” ~Jackie Gleason


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