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March 21, 2011 No Comments

Today is the first OFFICIAL day of Spring … YAY!!!

For me, Spring starts on the first day we change our clocks to Daylight Saving Time. There’s just something about that extra hour of daylight at the end of the day that makes me feel a whole lot more alive. I am so not a winter person.

A few years ago someone gave me a set of gardening books and I have enjoyed them and refer to them a lot. They have herbs, flowers, veggies and just about anything else that grows in them, with planting, harvesting and fertilizing tips and also ideas for using and cooking with them.

I dug out my garden and seed catalogs today – they have been arriving in my mailbox for a few months now. I seldom order from them because they require a credit card and, well, I just don’t happen to have one of those. So I look at all the new offerings and plan out what I might want to do with my flower beds and veggie patch and trot myself off to the local greeneries to see what they have that kinda sorta looks like what’s in the books.

My all-time favorite is the Lee Valley Garden Tools Catalog – actually anything from Lee Valley is a great read. I love their regular tool and hardware ones, too. They don’t sell seeds and plants, but they do have just about anything else a gardener’s heart could desire. I think they should sell posters of some of their catalog covers because they are so unique – especially the ones with antiques on them.

This is the Dominion Seed Catalog. They’ve got flowers, bulbs and veggie seeds.

Veseys is another favorite. I see I grabbed an old one … I don’t throw them out often enough … obviously. :D This year’s is here somewhere, too.

I try to plant a few new perennials and bulbs every year. They are usually more expensive so I wait until the buying season is just about finished and see who’s got them marked down.

Last year, my friend, Kellie, shared her gorgeous daylilies with me. And Joanne was cleaning out her forsythia bushes and I ended up with some of those, too, as well as some lemon borage (?) and raspberry canes.  I put out a call for some lilacs and Deb answered with both white and purple ones. She also shared her rhubarb that grows in her compost pile with me, as well. It’s great to have gardening friends!

These Big Kisses look like fun! Very showy and different.

I love gladiolas, too. They are great at the back of my flower beds. Every year I plant more of them and usually have good luck with growing them here.

One of the flowers I haven’t had any luck with so far is this one – the Cock’s Comb (Celosia cristata). I have planted them for the past three years and got nada. I’m not finished trying, though, so will look for more seeds again this year. I think I’ll start them inside and transplant them out later. At least that way I’ll know if they even germinated. I’ve always just sown them outdoors before. Time for a different tactic now. :D

So many different varieties of carrots. I’ve always just planted the nantes, but those little button ones look like fun – and maybe could even be planted in the containers. The ferny green tops would look rather neat with the flowers. If I plant them with nasturtiums, I can eat everything! HINT – nasturtium flowers are edible and taste mildly peppery. I really like them laid into a tuna salad sandwich.

I’m also going to grow all three of these … Brussels sprouts, cabbage (both green and red) and broccoli. I might try cauliflower, too. Celery would be nice, as well. I’ll grow it inside a cardboard milk carton so the stalks don’t fan out as it grows. I always plant peas, but just the Sugar Snap ones.

These purple peppers are awesome! I’ve never seen them before! Am hoping the local plant places will have them. I also plant Ultra Boy or Ultra Girl Beefsteak tomatoes as well as green peppers. I’d like to try these purple peppers – they’d go great with the purple beans I want to try this year.

Now who’s this sneaking into my pictures? I have the books down on the hearth to take advantage of the light and Gypsy is coming to see what I am doing.

You goofy cat … get off my catalog!

Hey! Quit batting at the camera! That’s my book!

Okay, you win. End of this photo session. Next time I won’t put them where you can take over.

Silly cat.



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